Your rights as an Employee

Time to bash those workplace blues

There are times when you feel humiliated and outraged at what you feel as being dismissed unfairly from your work position. I say “times”, hoping that it is not a regular occurrence, but something that’s happened maybe once in a blue moon.

I also know it happens to really good folk. You know that saying “bad things happen to good people”? Well, it certainly does, and most times there’s something weird going on with the boss or a department head that has it in for you for some reason. You’re too beautiful, or you’re too good looking? Don’t laugh. It happens.

Sometimes you should take heed of the talk that is going on around the water cooler. This is normally in whispers, but you may pick up news about funny goings-on around the office. Best, though, that you do your own investigations and see if there is any validity in the rumours.

Heading for layoffs?

The business could well be heading for layoffs, and many people have no idea as to their rights in this kind of situation. If the retrenchment offer sounds okay, it is normally accepted without question. Don’t ever do this. Get legal advice.

The most affordable people to go to is Right Cover. For a small fee, we will guide you through any legal minefields that you may find yourself in at your workplace. It’s advisable to have a competent, thoroughly professional team on hand should any occasion warrant the necessity of legal advice.

In today’s workplace midst a volatile economy and political shenanigans, all sorts of things can happen in the work environment – and they do! You may be working for a very legit company with an ethical management team, but let’s say that chances are you aren’t.

Pile you until you crack

They are going to try and get the most out of you with the least payout possible. They’re going to see how much they can pile on you before you finally crack and decide to leave. You know the kind of company. They’re as common as rubbish on the street corners of Johannesburg.

It’s time to stand your ground and see these people get their due-comeuppance. In the old days, this was a rare attitude to take, but not anymore. People aren’t scared of these mean, tough guys (and gals) anymore. However, that doesn’t mean you know the law well enough to take them on and win! Hence, the need for people like Right Cover.

Other than the no-holes-barred grounds of legit firing such as theft, drinking (or drugging) on the job, being late constantly for work, taking illicit time off, being involved with any kind of money laundering with the firm’s money – all that kind of really serious stuff – the other grounds which the company may try and get you on are many and may be more subtle. But they’re deadly, nonetheless.

It can really be tough out there…

The workplace, especially a corporate environment, can be a jungle as tough as the Amazon. Best you know what your legal team can provide:

  • Expert legal advice
  • Legal assistance with judgements and listings.
  • Criminal offence advice when you need it most.
  • Top labour advice to protect you from employers.
  • Professional debt advice.
  • Iron clad legal contracts.
  • Crush anyone that threatens you again

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