The Red Bull Doesn’t Give You Wings Lawsuit

We all know that the US is lawsuit territory, but few claims can manage to take your breath away quite so quickly as a recent one that had many so flabbergasted, they had a ‘fly me to the moon, why don’t you?’ kind of reaction.

The whole thing involved Red Bull and its famous ‘Red Bull gives you wings’ tagline which has become synonymous with the fizzy drink, supposedly giving you extra energy. One person, though, who most definitely did not, apparently, feel any kind of badda-boom badda-bang whatsoever sued the company for $13-million (some R182-million).

The company settled out of court for an unknown figure and subsequently also agreed to pay $10 (about R140) to anyone who bought the drink since 2002.


It’s outrageous – but true...

The whole thing is kind of outrageous seeing that it took the said claimant some 10 years of drinking Red Bull to discover, according to him, that it did not, in fact, give you wings, not even the sprouting-from-your-back kind, and he felt very miffed about it. The fact that the company also said it would drop the tagline is sad.

People, it seems, will sue over virtually anything, and will also take very literally any claim that you make about a product, no matter how subtle or tenuous the link. South Africa is certainly not immune to this kind of practice and you are very vulnerable in this tough, crazy world in which we live.

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