The Most Outrageous Lawsuits Of 2018

People sue for the darndest things, so after you set out from home today, be careful! Just walking down to your local Spar could cause all sorts of ramifications.

You could walk over a pedestrian crossing and the person sitting in his car waiting for you to cross over could sue for you giving him a finger…but all you were really doing is brushing a mosquito off your nose. Really! It happened.

Remember, when you brush things off your nose with a finger, do not look at anyone. You never know what trouble you will get yourself into.


‘Scary poster caused woman to fall’

In New York a woman sued the transport authority and a television network after she claimed a ‘scary’ poster featuring an actor playing a serial killer made her fall down the stairs to the subway, breaking an ankle and sustaining a head injury. The judge didn’t issue a final ruling and indicated he would probably dismiss the case, fearing he would let ‘the floodgates open’.

The lawsuit over mints

A lady in Chicago said that her packet of mints did not, in fact, contain the amount of mints that she had expected, so she sued the manufacturing company. The case was dismissed out of court.

The "rude" waiter

In Vancouver, Canada, a waiter was fired after a patron complained he had been rude to him. The waiter explained he was French and just had a little trouble understanding what was required. The waiter sued the restaurant and won the case.

Drinking beer with woman

Someone took the claims of an advertising campaign too seriously when they pictured people drinking beer with images of gorgeous women and tropical palms in the background. The claimant said he’d personally never experienced this and sued for false advertising. The case was dismissed.

Changing his legal age...

A case in the Netherlands that was widely reported in the popular media involved a man who sued for the right to change his age for a date app. He said if people could change genders, as was commonplace these days, then he had the right to be any age he wanted. The case never got anywhere near court.

It goes to show, though, just what could happen when you least expect it.

‘Not fair I look like a superstar!’

Another one which was really kind of crazy had someone file a multi-million-dollar suit against the two founders of Nike. He said he resembled one of the owners and he said that he was being frequently being mistaken for the baseball wiz.

He said he suffered harassment by the public and filed for compensatory and punitive damages for emotional pain and suffering. The claimant eventually withdrew his claim because of public backlash.

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