Hospital Plan


Maximum age entry limit:
54 years | Once-off non refundable activation fee: R200

Hospital Plan Benefits Include:

In-hospital Illness Benefit
Covers up to R10 000 for the first day in hospital, up to R10 000 for the second day in hospital, up to R10 000 for the third day in hospital. Thereafter R1 500 per day up to a maximum of 21 days per illness event. 12 months pre-existing condition exclusion applies.

Dread Disease Benefit
1 Incident per family per annum
Dread Disease up to R250,000, however the benefit is limited to R50,000 unless the insured person accedes to a short medical examination (at their own cost) to be arranged by Day1 Health.

Accident/Trauma Benefit
Up to R150 000 per single member per incident and up to R300 000 per family per incident. Immediate cover.

Death Benefit
R10 000 for the Principal Member.

Accidental Permanent Disability Benefit
R250 000 for the Principal Member only. Single event only. Immediate cover.

Family Funeral Benefit
Principal, Spouse & Child > 14 yrs R10 000. Child > 6 yrs R5 000. Child > 0 yrs R2 500. Child > 28 wks R1 250.

24 Hour Emergency Services & Pre-Authorisation (0861 144 144)
24 Hour Emergency Services, Medical Assistance and Pre-Authorisation provided by Africa Assist. Guaranteed hospital admission.

Hospital Plan underwritten by African Unity Life Limited
General Waiting Period: 3 months from inception of Policy
*Benefits may vary according to plan option