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Have you ever felt nervous or intimidated by companies or individuals who threatened you? 

Most of us have been in this situation and it makes you feel absolutely embarrassed and powerless.

Luckily there is a way out…

Discover how you can regain your confidence and experience the full power of legal assistance by your side, 24 hours a day!

For as little as R49pm, you can get access to extremely powerful legal assistance that will help you crush anyone that ever threatens you again.

What you get when you sign up today:

  • Expert legal advice on you credit report
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  • Criminal offence advice when you need it most
  • Amazing labour advice to protect you from employers
  • Professional debt advice
  • Iron clad legal contracts 
  • Crush anyone that threatens you again

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When you sign up today, you will get access to our wide range of legal documents. Never again will you be threatened, intimidated or not know what to do in any situation when it comes to legal representation. You will have the best written legal contracts right at your finger tips to use as often as you like. 

Divorce Kit

A divorce can cost up to R100 000 - sometimes even more. With our divorce kit the process is cheap and simplified.

Small Claims Court Kit

If you have civil matters where the claim is less than R15,000 then this complete kit will be your best friend.

Child Maintenance Kit

Let's say you do decide to get a divorce - who will get maintenance of the kids? This kit will be a must have then.

Domestic Employment Agreements

Have you got a domestic worker? If you do and you don't have an agreement, then you are at risk!

Purchase And Sale Agreements

Protect yourself if you purchase or sell any of your assets with our purchase and sale agreements.

Last Will And Testament

Not having a will can be a disaster for your family. Make sure your assets are distributed evenly by getting a will in place.

What to do next?

You now have 2 choices. Either you stay mediocre without legal action and continue to take beatings and constant humiliation from creditors and others wishing to take advantage of you.

Or you can choose to become armed with legal assistance. You will never feel humiliated again, never take verbal abuse from anyone and you will always be the one in the best position legally since you will have the power of the law behind you.