Instances Where You Need Contracts When Buying or Selling Things

ContractsDon’t sell yourself a bad deal!

There are times when you must have a legal contract when it comes to buying or selling – and this applies especially when purchasing property or engaging in securing partnerships or any kind of business securities.

It does most particularly apply when it comes to selling property, and there is a case in instance that happened right here in South Africa.

The seller gave a sole mandate to an estate agency and when a year or so had lapsed and nothing had occurred regarding the sale or even show days, the person took the mandate away from the agency, who then subsequently sued for a considerable sum. The seller rightly felt that she could replace the agency, but it seemed that things were not as simple as she would have liked.

Locked in a bitter legal battle

She is busy contesting the action and is still locked in a bitter legal battle. Unfortunately, she never had any legal representation when she entered into the agency’s contract, which never stated that in the event of considerable time having lapsed she could move to another agency. It is important, therefore, that you need to know your rights, and this is where expert legal advice takes shape.

Right Cover offers such advice and protection from a team of professionals that are experts in every aspect of law in South Africa.

You must ensure that all your bases are covered, and this is where Right Cover steps in. It is extremely important when you are involved in business deals where partners are involved. You’ve heard of the partners from hell, right? It seems that everyone has a story to tell in this regard.

When business dealings could be disastrous

The point to remember is that you should never trust anyone, even though you consider them to be the best of friends. Especially when you consider them to be the best of friends.

There are so many cases where people have gone into business with family or friends, only for it to be disastrous. The point is that people tend to trust too easily and when it comes to business, you could be heading for a blowout.

With Right Cover, you can draft your own contracts and ensure they are legal in every step of the way. This would have helped enormously in the case of the home seller, and with anyone going into business. Because you are bright, don’t consider yourself a law expert!

What you should never do is enter into verbal contracts, which are as binding as written documents. In fact, you should never into any contracts of any sort without having legal advice and protection. Right Cover assures that you are protected and have the right legal standing when it matters most.

We will advise you that you should never assume anything. Always presume that there is trouble around every corner, and make sure you know how to handle such incidents with professional care.

Right Cover provides legal assistance to South African consumers and through relentless innovation and strong, viable partnerships aims to offer South Africans with cover that is both affordable and has all the tangible benefits. People nationwide can attest to the unfailing ability provided by Right Cover for the right protection, every time.