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Burglar Sues Homeowner when falling through skylight

Robbers can steal your freedom!

It’s bad enough to have robbers trying to break into your home, but it’s something else to get sued by them when they hurt themselves in the process. “What?” you say unbelieving. “That’s surely not possible,” you say, aghast.

It is, and it’s a common occurrence, especially in the US, but there have been cases in South Africa. It really is stuff that should really come out of a movie, or someone telling a joke, but it’s all too real.

How To Draft A Will

Where there’s a will, there’s a way…

Most people have a ‘thing’ about wills. They consider it morbid, or even tempting fate, it sounds complicated and, basically, they would rather go outside and have a good old braai.

Also, some think that yes, death will eventually happen, but certainly not to them. Well, not just yet anyway. And another thing, tomorrow is okay as well.

How to Handle Companies and People That Threaten You For Payments

Nasty debt collectors can get their due

Carrying on our recurring theme about life being ‘a jungle out there’ (because it is), you must know how to handle debt collectors and companies that are truly nasty, threatening you with all sorts of things – including bodily harm – to get what they want out of you.

You probably owe money, are late in your payments, whatever, you probably should have never got yourself into the mess in the first place. But then, debt collectors don’t have to turn nasty to exhort the money out of you. They should just turn legal.

If You Have A Domestic Worker or Gardener Then You Are Vulnerable…

GardenerNo domestic bliss without legal cover

It’s crazy, but South Africans are still very lax when it comes to knowing about the legal rights of domestics or gardeners they employ. The rules regarding these issues are quite clear and are available to download from the home office department.

However, rules also fall into very grey areas when it comes to domestic workers, so it’s vital you link up with Right Cover when you sign on any employee. You as the employer have rights as well which you must be aware of.

Instances Where You Need Contracts When Buying or Selling Things

ContractsDon’t sell yourself a bad deal!

There are times when you must have a legal contract when it comes to buying or selling – and this applies especially when purchasing property or engaging in securing partnerships or any kind of business securities.

It does most particularly apply when it comes to selling property, and there is a case in instance that happened right here in South Africa.

WARNING: You Can Get Sued by Your Burglar

Shot in the jaw – now ‘punched in the gut’!

Police in the US say that a California homeowner who survived being shot in the jaw during a burglary is now ‘getting punched in the gut’ with the burglar suing him for firing back. This is according to CBS news San Francisco – ‘Burglar sues California homeowner, 90, who returned fire.’

According to the TV news channel, the suspect was charged with two counts of attempted murder while the homeowner was shot in the face and has said he will counter-sue. He said he had ‘to outwit the burglar who held him captive at gunpoint.’

Your rights as an Employee

Time to bash those workplace blues

There are times when you feel humiliated and outraged at what you feel as being dismissed unfairly from your work position. I say “times”, hoping that it is not a regular occurrence, but something that’s happened maybe once in a blue moon.

I also know it happens to really good folk. You know that saying “bad things happen to good people”? Well, it certainly does, and most times there’s something weird going on with the boss or a department head that has it in for you for some reason. You’re too beautiful, or you’re too good looking? Don’t laugh. It happens.