Burglar Sues Homeowner when falling through skylight

Robbers can steal your freedom!

It’s bad enough to have robbers trying to break into your home, but it’s something else to get sued by them when they hurt themselves in the process. “What?” you say unbelieving. “That’s surely not possible,” you say, aghast.

It is, and it’s a common occurrence, especially in the US, but there have been cases in South Africa. It really is stuff that should really come out of a movie, or someone telling a joke, but it’s all too real.

There are incidents where the would-be robbers fell through a skylight trying to get into a home, broke arms and legs, and then proceeded to sue the owner.

You would think that, naturally, the odds would be stacked against the perpetrators in instances such as this, but that is usually not the case.

There was even a case in England recently where a houseowner shot a burglar dead and was jailed for murder. It was a case of self-defence too, as the burglar was armed and ready to shoot.

Situation can turn very nasty

This situation turned very nasty when the burglar’s friends and relatives trashed the owner’s house while he was in jail. The man was eventually released from jail and, fearing for his life, moved to another area in London. A similar incident in the US saw a man sentenced to jail time after he had shot the burglar.

The burglar, who survived the incident, was a free man and proceeded to slap a lawsuit against the owner, claiming he never really intended to steal and had, in fact, not stolen anything. The burning question remains, then, what was he doing there? It just seems too incredible for words.

In another case, another burglar sued for damaged after being hurt during his attempted robbery. Amazingly, he was awarded damages. The law permits such anomalies, and the more people try and get it revised or scrapped, the more it stays the same.

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